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Alhamdulillah Masjid e Furqan is conducting duroos of Quran and Hadis every day in a unique way and with the method of our Aslaaf. Dars e Hadis every day after Fajr Salah and Dars e Qur'an everyday after Isha Salah.

Dars e Qur’an : In Dars e Qur’an every participant has to look at the Mushaf and the Ayah recited. First the Word meaning is taught to the participants with the different ayahs of the Qur’an with the same words, then the tafseer of the ayah...

Dars e Hadees :  Shaik Muaz Umeri  is giving the dars of Sahih Al Bukhari and every regular participant are given a separate book compiled by Shaik Muaz Umeri Himself...

All the duroos are recorded and distributed free for the knowledge seekers.

Apart from the Jumah Khutbas there are many other weekly duroos and classes are organized such as

  • Qawaid e Fiqhia
  • Seerath e Sahaba
  • Iman bil Malaika
  • Seerath e Nabwi
  • Uloom ul Qur'an.






All these classes are studied in details with the proper explanation and understanding according to the Salaf us Saalih. These duroos are also attended by the women folks with separate arrangements and are video recorded and uploaded in youtube and for serious knowledge seekers DVD's are freely distributed.

Salafi Educational Trust organises Workshops with different unique and important topics, many Workshops were conducted such as

  • Qayamat ki 5 Badi Nishaniyan
  • Arz e Fada
  • Ahle Bait se Murad Kaun
  • Tamseel Quran aur Hadis ki Roushni mein
  • Sahih Hadis ka Tarur
  • Hadis e Dhaif
  • Hadis e Mauzu
  • Aasar E Nabwi etc

During Ramadhan special duroos are organized few ayahs from the Noble Qur’an are selected and for the whole blessed month the tafseer and explanation are given in detail, apart from this a competition is held during the last 10 days of Ramadhan in which Men and Women take part with separate arrangements.

Results are announced and the toppers are facilitated with the fabulous prizes of books.  May competitions were held on the general knowledge of islam taught during the whole year in Masjid e Furqan in different duroos. Last year a completion was held on the Seerah of Prophet.


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